Midi note issues

Started by RadioRaheem

Hey folks,
I'm using Serum in Reaper. Im trying to understand why different midi input gives different sound results.

When i click on the keyboard for the midi part (while nothing is playing) and drag it down - the software equivalent of someone rolling their finger down a hardware synth from one note to the next - all of the notes including those in between are well enunciated. Obviously the in between notes are fleeting but their attack levels are matching.

When I write the midi information in then play it back (with very similar timing). I am losing most of the sound of the 'in between' keys. Thoughts as to why appreciated….

Serum can't differentiate between the MIDI notes sent by dragging around your MIDI in the piano roll, and the MIDI in the piano roll on playback. So there should be no difference, most likely you aren't representing things the same. For instance maybe your DAW is sending note ons before note offs and overlapping the MIDI, or more likely it's quite explicitly leaving gaps. This is a subtlety in polyphonic scenarios but would make a big difference in mono/legato. Try shortening your durations so there is no notes touching.

Thanks for the response Steve. Swapped in a bunch of presets to find the same issue, then swapped the track out of the folder to realise it was a shaper in the parent track that was the problem. It only kicked in with playback. 🤦‍♂️ Basic af. Sorry.