Mono and Poly patches in Serum

Started by carlcaulkett


I use Serum a lot but must confess that I haven't delved into the sound tweeking side of things. I've recently discovered a way of loading a mono patch from Serum into Bitwig in such a way that I can play it polyphonically. Someone on the KVR Bitwig forum has just asked me, quite reasonably I guess, why anyone would need to do this because "Without ever having touched Serum I bet you can modify any mono lead sound into a polyphonic one easily".

My question is can it be done easily? Can you help me develop the discussion 😉

If I'm not mistaken the idea there is to be able to play chords on a monosynth.
Serum simply has a mono switch you can deactivate.


Thanks for the reply, Steve. That sounds simple enough! It does beg the question of why some presets are set up to be monophonic, even though they sound really good in a polyphonic context, as is possible using devices such as the Instrument Selector with a Round-Robin option in Bitwig Studio.

Author's intent, similarly a lot of bass sounds work good as a lead, or vice-versa. So more to do with the intended performance style I suppose - Mono has the added legato factor / have an envelope not retrigger when holding a previous note, which can make for "lyrical phrases".

Bitwig allows to do that so that you can use MPE controllers with synths that don't natively support MPE.