More detail on the flanges filters?

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So I've been messing around with the Serum demo, and I'm loving it so far. But I'm running into confusion with the flanges filters.
From my understanding, the cmb+ filter adds a time delayed signal to itself, and creates notches along the harmonic spectrum. But how does it differ from the flg+ filter? They seem to produce the same sound except that the resonance for cmb+ acts as a sort of dry-wet knob, but is that really the only difference? Also, are the phaser filters just several notch filters you can move around, or are they actually based off of the circuitry inside real phasers (use of all-pass filters)?
Aside from that, how does the Combs filter in the Misc section behave differently to the Cmb+ filter? Thanks in advance


Thanks for the interest in Serum.

Cmb and Flg are in fact very similar hence they are grouped together (Flange category). Both operate on the same fundamental circuit - the difference is the feedback attenuation in the circuit. It's a subtlety in low gain (or high-harmonic) situations but can be quite obvious at times.

"Combs" is a special bank of tuned comb filters.

The phase filters use allpass filtering.

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Thanks for the quick response :))
Could you please elaborate on the Combs filter you find in misc? I'm a bit new to all of this, what does "tuning" a comb filter mean?
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the tuning is the relationship/ratios between them so they sound pleasant together, and also some width (which can be exaggerated with the pan control).