Nerve Demo crashing, Logic Pro on Monterey

Started by kmathis


I haven't seen any posts about this and I'm not an owner so I can't post on the Nerve forum. Whenever I try to load a sample on a pad Logic Pro crashes. Monterey is my OS. I can provide a crash report if that would be useful.



Nerve (demo) is not currently supported under Monterey.

A version is being developed which is available for users in beta form, but I'm a little sidelined on it because ReasonStudios has not updated the Rex SDK to a point where it will work inside a plug-in in all hosts. It's a bit frustrating of a situation to be at the mercy of someone else, I'd really prefer not to kill Rex/RX2 support.

Jumping on this, does the full version (or beta of the full version) work on M1 Monteray? Tried out the demo today, remembered i really liked the instrument and was looking to buy, but almost every action i did in the plugin was crashing Live.

I'm getting a black screen with Nerve demo within logic. I'm running Ventura. Is Nerve demo supported with this OS?

Latest beta works for me om M1 Ventura in Bitwig, don't know about Live.

Nerve Demo is not working with Moneray 12.6 and Logic 10.7.7
I want to buy the real version but cant now…


Bump. Trying the demo out on Big Sur intel i7, was pretty likely to buy it based on videos I'd seen but can't get the demo to work without it crashing.


nope the demo crashes big time: any news on this as would most def. purchase if it def. 100% works. MacBook Pro i7 / Big Sur 11.7.10 / Logic 10.7.4…. Please shout if you / anyone knows, really need something like this and it look great… thanks, D