Nerve Demo Version? - Interested Buyer

Started by jc biffro

Hey guys,

Cythulu owner here. I'm interested in purchasing Nerve and have been playing around with the demo.

Like Cythulu, I suspect there are a number of ''BETA'' versions ahead of the official demo version.

With this in mind (and the rumour that Nerve 1.01 had many improvements), could you please confirm the current Nerve demo version, and how many BETA versions ahead of the demo are available?

I'm just trying to ascertain whether what I'm playing with in the demo is a true reflection of what to expect when I buy it.


There's a 1.01 beta demo for OSX on the product page, it's about 25 builds old now.

There are a fair number of additional features (radomize, mixer display, audio drag-exports, and many more) but nothing that I'd consider a radical paradigm shift.

You're more than welcome to ask any specific questions or wait for the 1.01 demo which is probably a month away.

Warm Regards,

Hi guys, I'm also a Cthulhu user, interested in trying Nerve. The demo crashes in all my DAWs on Big Sur. Is there a newer version somewhere? Unfortunately, I only have access to this general forum and the Cthulhu forum, so I can't check Nerve.

Thanks Steve, that sort of works. Not entirely stable, but enough to check it out.

This dropbox demo didn't work for me (macos Sonoma & logic pro) - during the plugin validation, I get the error "auvaltool quit unexpectedly."

What version is the current demo for Windows? I am using it in Reaper, and there is no ability to zoom. There is no drag control on the bottom right, and there isn't a "Zoom" option in the dropdown. When I hover over the Download link, it looks like it's 1-2-3 (or 1.2.3?). What is the official Windows version that is released when you purchase Nerver?

On my mac, I was able to download the link above (after downloading the one off website with the blackbox), but your prompt says to select "NerveData" from the window that pops up, but there isn't a folder called NerveData in the window that it opens. It opens up my ableton project.

To be frank, I really want to purchase this product because Steve is awesome and I am looking for a great drum sequencer (and, I have LFO tool and Cthulhu). But, knowing it's $200 and I can't get a refund if I don't like it (if I can't zoom on the official Windows release version, it's definitely a no for me dawg), and I'm already having a pretty bad time with the demo, is a pretty big turn off. :/ I develop software professionally myself (albeit very different software than this), so I know the release process can be.. tricky, but I would expect there would be a more streamlined release process (for the demo, beta, and official versions) after how long these plugins have been developed… I know you're like a one-man team, but posting a link for only macOS in a random forum thread is kind of a weird way to do it, lol ^_^

your criticism is valid, I am a tad overworked due to the popularity of Serum.

This indeed leaves the other software in the backseat for the time being.

I do have longer term plans for everything, which is why I have chosen not to discontinue anything.
The development on Serum should fold back in to the other plugins eventually, but of course there is a bridge to gap there from technology to (rebuilding) product.

Nerve is 20 years old and the code is very hard to maintain, as it's written in a very direct and low-level way.
It needs to be rebuilt, I would not quite say in entirety, but pretty much.
Because of this (and Serum keeping me well occupied) it isn't (directly) being rapidly developed.

Of course that's not an ideal situation, to avoid neglect, I tried to contract help - I had a very unfortunate experience hiring help to rebuild Nerve, I suppose it is unprofessional to air grievances, but I feel it is worth mentioning as it just isn't the case I don't care about the product or something like that. I spent two years (paying at one point a team of four people) and a lot of my time (discussing etc) and ended up with nothing (the entire story is actually pretty awful, but I can partly blame myself for poor management).

So for now, as for the resizable interface, M1/ARM, VST3, etc, this is all beta feature available to customers.
Most of the VST3 quirks have been resolved and I'll probably formalize releases at some point here.

Anyway, your points are valid. There is a bit of a "product on life support" right now and the future definitely isn't certain.
I don't care to discontinue anything, or start getting emails asking to buy something discontinued, etc.

My priority has to lie with Serum, and making sure customers of all software can use it to satisfaction.