Nerve - No presets or sounds. Help!

Started by Britnoirlondon


Hey guys,

Just downloaded Nerve, and installed on Macbook etc. It launches fine in Logic Pro X but there are no presets or sounds. Can somebody point me in the right direction? I already have Cthulhu and Serum, no problems with these at all and they work great. Nerve on the other hand is beginning to make me nervous (pun intended) having just laid down 200 bucks for a plugin that doesn't work.

If anyone cam help would be hugely appreciated!




Hi Matt,
Thanks for the purchase. You need the NerveData folder from the 1.0 installer. See my email for clarificaiton.


You need the NerveData folder from the 1.0 disk image. Look in "your account" and I would recommend to click "view" to read the release notes for the 1.0 download.

I just install Nerve, but there is no sound ?

I also download newest opdate.

That shouldn't be the case, try downloading the beta atop the Nerve forum, if the problem persists I would recommend to use the Support page and include your OS and DAW info.

HI, I copied the NerveData Folder of v.1.0 to: /Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/  and installed the latest update but Nerve cannot see it , no presets or any data at all.
Mac OSX Ventura on MacBookPro M1 and Cubase 12 Pro. Anyone knows how to solve this please?

Extra info. I had the demo installed before but it did not work at all. I deleted the audio component en vst as well the nerve Demodata folder before installing the purchased version. reading the manual I noticed that when I opened Nerve the first time it did not ask for the path to the folder nor to the serial number. I reinstalled it all again but it is still not showing the contents nor asking for the serial.


This plugin doesn’t work anymore?


The software might not be demo-able at the moment on e.g. ARM processors without enabling Rosetta. There is an ARM native version in beta for customers.