New to Serum, CC64 issues everywhere? Is there a trick to it?

Started by dunktank

Long time Massive user, finally decided to switch to Serum and check it out. But no matter what I try, it seems to latch CC64 and not respond to my pedal up at all. For example, I play a C major chord, then depress my sustain pedal, release notes and pedal. But notes hang. I've tested this with other VSTi and the pedal is fine. It's Serum that ignores the CC64 release. Is there a setting I am missing? It's like an auto hold or something, until that same key is pressed again. Then, it clears the hanging notes. If there is a setting, please let me know so I can actually test the synth. Many kind thanks.


That shouldn't be the case, I'd recommend re-installing the demo version. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to investigate this further!