Not sure how to use OTT

Started by alexfsu

I know this is a great plugin, I just don't understand why the thresholds are fixed, and I don't really know exactly what the knobs are doing. I checked for a manual but couldn't find one. Could someone please explain how one would go about using this on a bass track or something? Thanks.


it's just a simulation of Ableton Live's OTT Multiband compressor preset, if you use Ableton Live you don't need the OTT plugin. Its just a drastic up/down comp that some people like in some situations for extreme squashing, your mileage may vary.


I'm currently checking if it is exactly like this… and comparing the 2 OTT i can say for sure that they are introducing different artifacts and for sound design they are really different, my own opinion is to try both (if you are using these for creative reasons), i m also still looking for an official manual about OTT by xfer