OSC, FX, Matrix, and Global Tabs missing after updating Serum.

Started by AtomicRZR


Hi! I recently updated my serum from 1.2 to the current version of 1.3. I purchased my copy of Serum through splice and updated it through the splice launcher. After updating, I realized the the OSC, FX, Matrix, and Global tabs were missing and were replaced with macro knobs. Serum is stuck defaulted to the OSC tab.

I completely removed the VST and AU from my computer and reinstalled them through the splice launcher. I tried opening serum in logic and Ableton and had the same issue in both DAWS. I also tried opening both the VST and AU version of the plugin. I'm running on macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Thank you for your time.


I would recommend reinstalling the update from yesterday (since you wrote). Use the contact form with your Splice username if stuck.


I erased my serum presets folder before reinstalling and it fixed the issue!
Thanks Steve!