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Started by paul.meredith

Thanks Steve, you were absolutely right. I manually deleted the vst, ran the installer again and it's showing up. Thanks!
One thing that I have to say is that both the vst and au crash Studio One when assign a knob to a controller and move knobs. This only happens with OTT. Not a biggie but I thought I would mention it!

That sounds like their issue to fix as far as I can tell from your description - there's no MIDI assign feature within OTT, and "automation is automation" so unless automating the parameter does it also, it's probably a state handling issue in their hosting (OTT is chunkless which is a simpler + less common form of state storage). I'd be happy to take a look at a crash report, perhaps I could prevent it if the crash is actually within OTT - you could send it via


Just FYI for anyone… Ableton just updated to b12 and listed apple silicon fixes in the change log…

Now the VST ARM versions of OTT & Dimension Expander never recall their settings properly, even when you save a project with the newest version.

Dimension Expander VST also seems to like crashing Ableton when you load a project with it now.

Joro Dudovski

Yeah same here, after updating to 11.1. Ott doesn't recall the settings and also crashes my project from time to time :(

Yeah, running Ableton 11.1 on a new M1 Max MacBook, OTT doesn't recall it's settings when saved as a project, .fxb file, as a .adg, as a chain with other plugins. OTT has been on my master for years, so hoping Ableton can fix this issue soon.

Update: The AU version of the plugin works as intended. If you're using Ableton on an M1 and want to use OTT I'd recommend just using that.

This issue is now fixed in the new Ableton 11.1.5b1 beta that came out yesterday.

That beta is mostly just a bug fix update so I imagine it will be pushed to the production version pretty quickly.

I'm using FL studio 20.9 on a Mac and the .pkg is saying install successful, but there is no file anywhere on my computer and it's not in the DAW. What do I need to do?

ETA: Problem solved.


Hi Steve! Thank you so much for this amazing forum and of course the plugins as well.
I just bought a new MBpro, 10 core, 16GB, M1 Pro Chip, however, when loading the OTT in FL studio, the ¨circle of death¨ appears and the DAW has to be restarted/ Crashes.

I talked to the apple support and they are asking if the OTT is optimized to be used on the M1 and the M1 pro chip.

Can you please help me?


Have you redownloaded the latest OTT? Older versions are not compatible.


It should be the latest OTT, because I just bought the computer and just downloaded both FL studio and OTT from scratch. No
time-machine involved what so ever.

I'll go talk to the apple support today and see what they say. Thanks Steve.

It is M1 optimized. Maybe try deleting the VST3 version from (command-shift-G in Finder): /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 and use the VST2 version (rescan in FL plugin manager).


Good day!
I use:
Ableton Live 10 Suite 10.1.43
mac os sonoma 14.4.1
Installed by: OTT (VST AU AAX) for Mac OS X v1.37
After launching the application, Ableton crashes