OTT making Cubase hang on exit

Started by Arakelian


Does anyone have this problem? Start a new project in Cubase 10, add some tracks and put OTT on one of them or all of them. Then save the project (or not) and try to quit Cubase. The program just hangs and i have to kill the process in Task Manager.
I made lots of is OTT for sure. No other plugin does that. Cubase do not save any crash log or dump so i don ` t know how to troubleshoot.
And by the way…OTT doesn`t do that in any other daw (tried Ableton, Reaper,Cakewalk) it is a Cubase thing. I tried their support system and forum…no luck so far.
Windows 10 good processor and video card.
Does anyone encountered this issue?


I use Cubase 10 and OTT, can not confirm this.

I have the same issue. It took a while for me to realize because there was no crash log, but yeah… OTT crashes my cubase the way you describe.

They are talking about Windows newer versions causing the problem… Is there any chance of updating OTT to vst3? Or just update the vst2 version maybe…just making it compatible with those new versions ? Just asking…i know that Cubase seem to be the only one that is affected by this …but maybe a newer version of the plugin would be better..

Not exactly, I want to rebuild the plugin, it's not as simple as tracking down a bug (which seems to be Cubase's bug, potentially).

It is a Cubase bug..but since they willl not do anything about it (because they released their own multiband compressor, OTT like) i am asking here. So, thank you for the good news and… no pressure.. whenever it is ready, it would be ok.
Lots of companies tried to do their own OTT, but non sound like yours (i don`t count the original). Thank you.

So we will most likely see it later in 2021? we hope the new version will have no problems. in the end Serum has no problems on cubase

Cheers, It could be before 2021, just know it's being attended to!

Couldn't you have a beta or something like that? because almost all my projects have OTT it would be amazing not to close it from the task master anymore

I am focusing on getting the paid plugins to ARM mac / Big Sur and then I will tend to the freeware.

Ah ok, I would like to warn that all the other vst xfer works perfectly only after these problems. I hope it can be resolved soon


Sorry for the inconvenience I would like to know if there is any news.


no news, I'm focusing on the paid plugins to ARM still.


In Pro tools (up to date version), when 1 instance of OTT is loaded, saving backups and/or saving project is blocked. (error message 'wasn't able to save' etc.) Maybe this is of any value.


Some issue here with Cubase 11. If it helps, Serum does not exhibit the same behaviour. I would use the multiband compressor in SerumFX but it seems to be very diffirent in character to OTT. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.


Yes fgiman. Serum multiband compressor is different than ott … for now we have to wait for this new update. in the end even a beta could still go as LFOTool etc. they have no problems. From what it looks like they are now prioritizing osx devices for Big Sur. We hope they will end soon


Hello! I would like to know if there is any news regarding this problem! especially regarding the OTT update


This is a Cubase 11 problem, I'm using Windows 10 and Serum freezes. It works fine in Ableton.

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