OTT missing Bypass button

Started by dione


First of all thanx for the vst3 update of OTT.
However, i don't see a bypass button in the vst3 version, in Cubase 11. (on Windows 10)
Is this a known problem or did something go wrong with my installation ?


OTT has never had a bypass feature (beyond the 6 individual compressors having dedicated bypass, and the depth knob at 0% will be a flat frequency response if not using the band gains. But since most VST3 have this, I'll be adding this in to the next update (1.36)

Ah yes, i meant it doesn't have a bypass button in the daw. There is no option to bypass OTT, that button is missing while it's always there (also with vst2 plugins).

Thanx, will be looking forward to the next update.

The Blacksmith

Same goes for Cubase 12 Pro on Windows 10 pro.

Hope to see this bypass update soon!