OTT problem with FL Studio 20!

Started by JohnnyYono


For an entire week now….OTT has been crashing the 32-bit version of the latest FL Studio 20. Strangely, the 64-bit works fine inside the 64-bit version of FL but, the 32-bit (using it within the 32-bit version of FL), even if I try and remove the instance of the plugin on the mixer, freezes FL and I'm forced to End Task. I have set the plugin to use fixed sized buffers and it's still crashing it. I have un-installed/re-installed numerous times but the problem persists. Can someone PLEASE shed some light on this? It's absolutely frustrating.


You should use FL64.exe and OTT_x64.dll - is there a reason not to?
I can't say why the FL Wrapper doesn't like the 32-bit version, maybe due to it being chunkless, but it's seemingly fine elsewhere.

lol ,, maybe run in 64bit :p had this long times ago to .. i dont download the 32 bit veresion(anything) no more .. never had problems <3