OTT - Silence if I load up old projects

Started by DJMaxomar



I am using Ableton Live and I recently switched to a new Mac. Whenever I want to open old projects and OTT is in the chain it just puts out silence. When I remove that instance and hit cmd + z everything is back to normal but that doesn't fix the issue when reopenning the project later. I usually go about this by adding a new instance next to the old one, copy the settings and delete the old one.

I have to say the old projects used VST 2 versions of the plugin and I am replacing those with AU instances.

It's still a lot of work going through all tracks in the project and doing the cmd + z and copying settings process since I use OTT a lot.

Does anyone have the same issue and is there a fix to this?


Try updating to the latest version, if the issue persists I would recommend using the support page so we can try replicating the issue here.