OTT won't work

Started by Joolz125

I updated OTT a while ago, and when I went to use it in FL Studio 12, it doesn't seem to do anything? I can increase values and do everything that I would be able to do but either no sound is being played or OTT doesn't change the sound at all. I'm not sure if it's a bug with the new update but I would like it to be fixed. If any of you have a solution that would be great.



plenty of people use it in FL. I would suggest trying a new project and see how it fares. You need to set the new compressor depths to 50% (100%) if reopening old projects.

I tried using it in a new project, set everything to 50%, and tried reinstalling OTT but no luck.


no idea, sorry, it works fine in FL for myself and many others. I would suggest trying another DAW to verify OTT is in fact working and maybe try resetting settings in FL.

Damn. I've just now gotten the same problem. OTT doesn't seem to find any input audio, and therefore doesn't change the sound at all. Tried reinstalling and it didn't work. I only own FL studio.

OTT's GUI is not registering with the new Logic update. Let me know if there is a work around it. Thanks brother!

I will be updating it for Big Sur shortly, Serum to ARM native has been my recent priority and I'm pleased to say that's very stable and performant here now, so moving on to the other plugins and freeware. As with all Apple major OS revisions it's typically good to wait a month or three after release so issues can get resolved.