Re-downloading Serum VST on another computer?

Started by scottleiker


If I purchase the Serum VST once, can I download it again for free on another computer? Even if that computer uses a different operating system?

Hi Scott,  

The license is for an individual - You're allowed to download and install Serum on multiple computers provided you personally own the machines.  You get downloads for both OS X and Windows with the single purchase.

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So if I give a copy of Serum to a friend and he has multiple computers, the only way for him to transfer it to another computer is to get another copy from me? He can't transfer the single copy that I've already given him?

You can't give the software to other people, that is illegal and could cause your license to be invalidated.

i don't see any availible downloads even though i have already bought serum!

you probably used a different email address or typo'd your email, use the contact form if you'd like my assistance and list any email addresses you may have used, or a date/time of purchase, or the actual receipt.


hey steve, so i recently got a new laptop and i want to transfer my serum from one to the other, however when i download it on the new comp, it doesnt even show up in ableton? do i have to uninstall from the old device first?



You need to have the appropriate settings in Live to the plugin, please use the contact form with your OS and Live versions if I can help.