Routing a single track's MIDI information to multiple tracks for LFOTool to use for note retrig (Ableton)

Started by shortugae

im trying to use LFO tool for sidechaining, however i only want the "sidechain" to trigger when the kick is playing. so, i created a blank midi track with midi that followed the kick pattern, then i routed midi to a separate track with LFO tool to use for note retrig. the problem is, i want to do this for multiple tracks that have LFO tool for the same purpose, and i dont want to create a separate blank midi track for each sidechain. i suppose this is more of an ableton routing question than an LFOtool question, but none of the solutions i found were answered with the unique routing LFOtool requires in mind. 

You need to at the least create "dummy" MIDI tracks (MIDI from your MIDI note trigger track,  MIDI to a different LFOTool, monitor in).  So there no need to duplicate the note data, but Ableton doesn't allow another way to route MIDI to multiple destinations, so a dummy track is needed just to route the MIDI each time.


  • Create a midi track, name it SIDECHAIN(or whatever you like).
  • Put an external instrument there, select it and create group. 
  • In that group you can put as many external instruments as you like(I did 11 of them).
  • Now instead of having to create a ghost/dummy midi track for each LFO Tool, you have a single midi track, capable of sending midi info to all the tracks you have put an LFO Tool.
  • All you need to do is go to the external instrument you added to the group and select the output to the track where the desired LFO Tool is and in that LFO Tool you put it to note retrig.
  • Repeat as much as you like.
  • I did a single midi track able to send the midi info to 11 other LFO Tools, and that was the LFO Tool demo. So you own it I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to do it.
              Hope it helps!



Hi Steve! is it possible to use LFO TOOL in midi trigger mode in Studio One? google all day and nothing :(


Hi again Steve, I did a tutorial how to LfoTool midi trigger in Studio One.