Samples to sell using Serum

Started by Valéry



Already apologizing in advance if this question has been asked several times. I've seen some topics of it but was still somewhat unclear. I respect other peoples work and I believe in Karma.

I'll do my best to be very clear.
I want to create sample packs. And then sell.
Of course I want to use Serum coz the sounds are just amazing.

However…with all the copyrights and intellectual property:

If i use a preset from Serum: example: synth - SY Angry Organ (KG)
I just want to sell some chord progressions(clean chord, reworked, with other cool sound effects) with that sound and also 1 note hits in Emin or D#min… Is this allowed? Is this copyright infringement?

If this is not allowed; is their a way to partner with Serum or have shared revenue? Meaning I make some revenue and i give a share to Xfer.

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