Serum and MPE?

Started by sargentpilcher


I was just wondering if there were any plans to add MPE support for Serum? It's already an awesome synth with so many intuitive features, but I thought that it would be a blast to play it with a seaboard for example. Or hell, even just to have the ability to do polyphonic portamento would be very cool as well.


Thanks for the interest in Serum.

It has come up before, however I don't tend to talk about future plans for a variety of reasons.



I know you mentioned you don't talk about future updates which is totally understandable :) +1 for Serum + MPE. Even if it was added, no additional programming would be needed to existing presets and MPE presets could be developed for future updates sort of like what UVI Falcon had done with their 1.1 update. Serum + MPE would equal mind blown. (More than it already does) 2 pents :D And cheers to you for making a great synth Steve.


+2 for MPE support, I love my seaboard but as it stands I cannot use this synth with it's full capability! <3


+23 for MPE support on Serum… I love the Poly Aftertouch support with my Midiboard.. But having something like a Bluetooth Wireless roli having support on the go would make for ultimate expression!


+1 more for Serum w/ MPE. This feature would be absolutely amazing with serum considering that I use it for most of my sound design. Thanks again for the killer plugin :) please invest in adding this feature and keeping it up with the times. Its bad enough that Ableton doesn't support MPE and the only workaround is very tedious.


Any news from this topic. I m dying for MPE in Serum …. thanks.

FX Dupas

Just updated the plugin and tried it. It's brilliant! Thank you so much for this :)