Serum bug or FL Studio bug? HELP

Started by RetroSpirit667


I got the demo version of serum and then later bought the 10 dollars a month deal and now whenever I load a project in FL Studio, it says its the demo version even though I deleted the demo version. It works when i replace it with another serum but my automation and stuff dose not copy over and im quite angry. Does anyone know how to fix this???

You're probably installing to the wrong location vs. where the DAW is set to look for VST plugins, or you have the demo in a subfolder.

Look where your DAW is set for VST Plugins and delete Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll from that location.

sanity check: Verify Serum is no longer available in the DAW.

Then quit the DAW and run the update to that location.

In FL Studio, check FL options->Plugin Manager, and delete any and all instances of Serum (expand window to the right if needed to see path) in Windows explorer, rescan and verify Serum is not available, then quit FL and run the update.


Im using a MacBook Air and I have deleted serum of from FL Studio but need repudiate it. Once I have reinstalled the latest update for serum it gives me an option to change install location. I chose Macintosh HD since I have more GB available than the FL Studio disk. As I hope back onto FL studio to manage plugins I don't seem to find the serum updated folder ?


on FL Studio macOS, make sure you see a VST2 path in the plugin manager to exactly:

If not, add it with the small folder+ button in the top-left.