[Serum] - CPU and demo vs full version

Started by Iti10

Hi Steve, I have downloaded the demo of Serum a few days ago, must say I really impressed! I make music for 7 months, until now I had all the basic things I needed and I just got a new sound card couple of days ago. so after that, I decided its time for me to have better sources for my DAW sounds since I have used only built in plugins all that time,  I just want to ask a few questions because I seriously considering buying Serum.

1.What are the differences between the demo and the full version?

2.I  have read a lot about CPU issues, now I know that you are not a wizard but I would like to write down my specs so maybe you can tell if it can handle Serum well or not.
I have Windows 8 64 bit, Intel Core I7 - 4790 @ 3,6 GHz and 8 GB RAM, to be honest for my small uses with the demo version I didn't noticed any problem.
However I wanted to check my CPU at an extreme situation, I had 50 channels of Serum playing at the same time (I didn't touched the Unison by the way), my computer didn't crash but the CPU usage was really high and the Peak was at maximum (at Cubase 8.5), I must say this situation probably never going to happen but since its a demo version it is hard for me to determine if it clashes with my  CPU or not, so far I had a really few drop outs all over the past 7 months (but that happened with built in plugins only. although rarely) so that's the reason that I'm a little bit concerned.

3.As a beginner producer that knows basic synthesis and not more I managed to handle Serum and other "complicated" synths I have tried really good, does the description for every parameter available also at the full version?

I hope I didn't write too much. looking forward for your reply :)).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Hi Iti,
1.What are the differences between the demo and the full version?

I make effort to have CPU use go down, not up, with updates.   But in terms of evaluation I would suggest the demo.   50 tracks is really a lot, freezing is customary with that much playing.  You can try the full version free for three days with the Splice rent to own plan if you want an exact test.

re: 2, well, 50 tracks is a lot, that could strain any of my machines in CPU load.   Serum is competitive  to other high-quality WT synths in terms of per-voice CPU, it's easy to load it high with the per-voice unison.  Most CPU complaints I have found first and foremost come from heavy voice count compounded by not watching poly limits sensibly (lower-right fraction in Serum).  Some synths won't let that number exceed 64, so it's good to keep an eye on it yourself and be sensible with unison (16 can sound great, but isn't always better sounding!)   My general rule is to freeze chord parts.

re:3, I'm not totally clear on the question, the demo and the full version should be thought of as identical minus the restrictions.

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Thanks for the quick reply :), I understand that the full version is exactly like the demo in terms of functions (and its great!), I guess there are more presets than the demo? About the CPU usage, I don't think its necessary to go so wild with the voices per unison, ane the 50 tracks test was just about trying to found out whay happens at an extreme situation, I wrote my specs to know if I can get Serum run at the hjghest quality (honestly, I dont believe I will go that far with the unison), of course I have no problem with freezing, the main reason I was a little bit concerned is that I had few CPU overloads with my built in plugins (altough its super rare as I mentioned). Anyway, I think I am going to get Serum today and thats it, thank you very much :).

It's the same presets.  However there are some free preset packs and tables linked in the Serum registered user forum.

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Well thank you very much Steve! I just bought Serum and I'm super excited :) , but also have a little problem…

I was just looking at the weapons of choice and serum tool kit and opened them on new tabs at chrome. I was about to buy Serum only and continued the purchase with the first tab that only had serum in it. 
I guess should have known that since I added those on new tabs it been added to my cart  and I had to refresh the first tab to get the real result,

but too bad there wasn't confirmation option and info about the total amount of money after I fulfilled my credit card information, there is something to do about it? because I didn't want to buy those presets, the truth is that Serum alone isn't cheap although I'm sure worth every dollar.

Thanks, and sorry for bothering.