Serum/Cthulhu preset menus listing files out of alphabetic order

Started by Ramon Franklin

Ramon Franklin

Has there been any resolution to Serum presets/cthulu presets menu listing files being out of order under MacOS update High Sierra 10.13.1
and if so can u please provide info….Thanks in advance

You need to update Serum to the latest version for High Sierra compatibility.


Ramon Franklin

Thank you Steve for replying the Serum update worked!!!
……however Cthulhu presets are still out of order

Has the issue been resolved for Cthulhu and the non-alphabetical preset order? I am on the v 1.17a8 and its still the same. Where can I find the Beta version with the fix?


If you need help locating your Cthulhu purchase, please use the contact form on the website.