Serum FX causing stereo signal to lose left channel.

Started by waveless

Hey guys.
I'm getting problems when running Serum FX over an audio channel with an 808 kick on it.
The distortion when set to pre, seems to be removing the left channel of audio which is causing a lot of trouble (obviously I don't want an 808 kick running through the right channel only).
Anyway, wondered if anyone had experienced this, is it a bug or am i missing something?


Can you please email me the track/project if possible (no audio except the sample in question / minimal project ideally) and let me know

  • your host and OS + version info
  • SerumFX version ("build" you see on the GLOBAL tab of SerumFX).

 [email protected]


Having the same problem. Would love to know if this ever got solved!

Make sure you are using the latest version of Serum, it should resolve.

HI Steve,
Im having this issue. Sorry to resurrect an old problem

build: 1.346 (the latest)
certain patches only play the right side.
I have narrowed it down to the Compressor in multi band mode but sometimes its the chorus/flanger/filter etc.
I'm on Big Sur and using Ableton 11 (latest version)

never mind.. I actually just restarted Serum again and it worked !
don't know what's happening… but hey.. its working.. kind of..

I have the same issue with the newest version inside Ableton Live. Happens randomly.