Serum FX Multiband Compressor = OTT?

Started by realsloth


hey, is the multiband compressor of Serum FX exactly the same as the free Xfer OTT?

read this here and there, but couldn't find any official statement.



they're technically quite the same, but in practice there are differences (crossover points, upwards control).


yeah, I'm loving the upgrade, the sound is so much cleaner and OTT seems to work so much more smoothly. However, my plugin seems to have the upwards compression function rather weak in comparison with Pro-MB. It doesn't seem to do anything, at all Is that feature even working any more or it's just that this parameter is switched off?


Well, I don't know, I don't really offer support on OTT - I made it for a friend and made the mistake of putting it up on a pageā€¦ it's really cost me a visible percentage of my life at this point and I really would prefer if it would disappear (I don't think it has done music any favors, all considered). My recommendation is to delete it and use commercial software which has a future.

But try lowering the input gain, you won't hear upwards compression when downwards is taking place. Try a sound with decay like a snare. If you see non-negative numbers to the left of the bands, it's working.