Serum is on VST on Ableton 9 but wont open.

Started by AlClemist-splice


Having a weird problem. Some reason serum wont open when I click on it. Just goes to the watch for a second then wont open. Im using Ableton 9.2.3 Build.

Make sure Live shows 64-bit on startup, if it shows 32-bit, download Live 9 64-bit from your Ableton account.


Any chance of a 32 bit update/reboot? Most of the (older favorite) plugins I use are not 64bit, and J Bridge kinda isn't fun let's say…

Thanks. E.

I still offer 32-bit on windows. Apple has deprecated 32-bit. 32-bit apps do not run on current macOS at all.
I'd be curious what plugins you use that are not 64-bit as most everything exists in 64-bit.