Serum keeps thinking it needs a Splice license

Started by 2dbofficial


I've had this issue multiple times, and it's really starting to get annoying. My fully purchased (through Xfer) version of Serum every so often will lock up and say I need to make sure i'm running Splice/connected to my splice account/activate my splice license/etc. Basically it thinks it needs a splice license to run, when it doesn't, because I own the thing outright. The only solution to this I've found is uninstall splice from my computer, uninstall serum, then re-install and re-activate with my serial. But when I download splice again to get a sample from their site, the issue comes back in Serum. There's gotta be a way to fix this! Anyone?


I would make sure you don't have an active lease on
Sounds like you (or someone else with a lease) is signing in creating a lease file to be deposited on your machine.
You can delete the lease file:

On WIndows, Go to C:\%localappdata%\Splice and delete Serum.lic

In MacOS command shift g in finder and type or paste the following line:
~/Library/Applixation Support/com.splice.Splice

Delete Serum.lic

However if it keeps surfacing I would recommend investigating why -> [email protected]

Hope this helps,