Serum LFO Position Modulation (Static LFO)

Started by Kraastoron

So first off, I know that it's not the point of a low frequency oscillator to be a "no frequency oscillator", nevertheless, Serums LFO flexibility already allows for that.

Hence I have been thinking for a while now:
What if there was a way to modulate the position of the LFO at Rate 0.00 (no BPM match).
Sort of how you can change the waveform inside a wavetable by modulating WTpos (hence scrolling through the wavetable).
This could allow for effects where the LFO is not simply used as a shape which is scrolled through in a linear fashion over a set (manipulatable) amount of time but rather as a simple shape which can shifted through manually (sort of like a macro with external automation clips controlling the amount) allowing for insane standalone sounddesign inside serum alone (imagine just slowly turning one macro knob and have 4 static lfos modulating multiple parameters in completely different ways simultaneously! The sky is the limit! You could do reverse effects, cascades of complex offset rises where multiple different things start at different, but meticulously chosen positions, organic modulations, lfo interactions like in no other synth)

In terms of functionality I'd make such a feature available when the LFO rate knob is turned all the way down. Sort of like the Memory functionality with the "phase" knob turned all the way up. Maybe then turn the "smooth" knob into a modulatable "LFOpos" which then can be routed to any modulation source (I could imagine rise and delay to still be usefull, while smoothing can have no effect on a non-moving shape).

Problem: I have no idea how complicated this would be to implement and whether you consider this first of all a good idea and second feasible in terms of value this might bring to the already best digital synth ever created.
Let me know what you think.
Best regards, Ben


This is a very good idea. The possibilities you mention are very enticing, and I definitely want to see what the big masters of Serum would be able to do with it. I'd also like to see a similar function: being able to modulate the strength of an LFO with another LFO - strength being defined as the distance from a vertical point on the LFO to its opposite, said point being the user's choice (normally the bottom, though). A simple delayed vibrato, for example, could be created by making LFO 1 a sine wave modulating the fine tuning of the wave, and modulating the strength of LFO 1 (from the center, that is) with LFO 2, an envelope turning up the strength of the first after the note is pressed for, say, half a second, making a sound which starts out static in pitch and then slowly starts to fluctuate more and more, creating a note which begins to have vibrato if played for long enough. I think this would also increase the scope of Serum's sound design abilities, and imagining using both of these functions together gets my mouth watering.


If I understand, that is what Aux Source in the matrix is for!


So Steve, are you answering the OP or the second comment? I don't see any way to control the LFO position in the matrix.

Even having the LFO position in the Assignable parameters in the matrix would be amazing and be the answer to the OPs question.