serum midi mapping

Started by loopgo

Hello, my serum is still reseting midi mapping when i change preset. On the about tab it says is version 1.065. The dll on vstplugins folder says is

Any help?

Download the latest version in "your account", assuming you purchased under a different account.  Please use the contact form if I can be of further assistance!

Hey Steve,
I just bought the Nektar Impact LX25 MIDI controller but I have a problem. Because I could not afford Fl, Ableton etc, I took an alternative. Out of all the free DAWs, the one that i installed was Soundbridge. I opened up Serum in it, but my midi controller only maps to the keyboard and pitch and modulation scrolls. Can you please check this out and offer some help on how to map my MIDI controller on Serum.


Serum will respond to MIDI CC's sent on MIDI ch 1 using the MIDI learn feature when you right-click knobs in Serum.
MIDI CC's are very standardised, you can typically troubleshoot by drawing the MIDI CC on a clip if it's not working from the controller.
I would advise to check what data you are sending.
I would advise to check out as a more full-featured DAW with a MIDI event list to see your MIDI data.

Hi Steve,
any way to have Serum respond to MIDI CC's sent on <other than ch 1> ? is there some text file that I could mod ? thx - AJ