Serum Midi Mapping

Started by Flammeseele

I recently acquired Serum through Splice, and am loving it so far. However, I seem to be unable to map any of Serum's knobs to a MIDI controller. I've read that the demo version does not allow for MIDI mapping. Does the version offered through Splice also not include this feature? 
If it helps, I'm using Fl Studio 12, and my MIDI controller is using the M-Audio Oxygen 25 Midi mapping that's provided in Fl Studio.
Thank you in advance!

You need to enable your MIDI controller in FL MIDI Settings (Input) and assign it a port (e.g. 5) and then in Serum you would need to also set that same port # as the input port in the VST Wrapper settings in the top-left of the Serum panel (the top border that FL adds).

Hey Steve, I'm sorry if this issue was already addressed, But Ive been trying to map my midi controllers to serum hosted in logic and some of the parameters will map and others won't. Often, when i try mapping one knob on my controller to a parameter in serum, serum maps that knob to a completely different parameter. Both controller i use are brand new so it can't be that. The mapping has been successful with other plugins so I'm assuming this is a serum issue. Please Help if you can. Thank you in advance. Bought serum on Splice Plan.

HI James,

It sounds like maybe your controller is transmitting multiple values. I would recommend moving things and looking in Logic's MIDI Event list. Similarly you can use MIDI events to "learn" Serum (no controller needed). You should be able to assess what is happening as there is no explicit issue specific to Serum (that I'm aware of at least).


I am having a similar problem with Serum not recognising any of the pot controls on my Launchkey25?? I can change the track volumes up and down in ableton but when i use serum and try to midi map the ADSR controls on envelope 1 for example, it does not recognise that i have moved the pot control on the Launchkey

cliff sayer

same problem with serum in samplitude pro, can't control anything with dials on my controllers, using an m audio 25 and NI a49 controller