Serum not working

Started by loganharrell


I'm not to mac so excuse my stupidity. I'm trying to download Serum and use it with Fl Studio, but when I install serum nothing happens. It says it was installed successfully, but then i cant find it anywhere on the computer. Please help(:

You need to use the Native OS X version of FL Studio, not the experimental CrossOver version.  I would recommend reading about VST support on the version of FL you are using.


Hey what's up I just got a new computer and bought FL studio since I use to use logic and I have a Windows now but I download my serum on my Windows and when I open FL studio I don't know how to link serum to it or I just can't find it I need help please like I can see the folders in FL but when I click on them they just open the actual folder and not Serum ??? V

I'm not exactly sure what you're describing, but first read/try this.

  You need to run the windows Serum installer - in the Serum installer it lets you set a directory for the VST plugins.  That can be wherever you like (I use C:\VSTplugins\ personally).  Then you need to configure FL12 under options->Manage Plugins to have a VST Directory set to that same folder location (containing Serum.dll and/or Serum_x64.dll).   I would recommend to read about using VST Plugins in FL Studio in their documentation (or look for a youtube video).

You should probably email me [email protected] with a screenshot if you're still stuck.


Downloaded serum in logic pro x but it ain't playing any sounds, any solutions?


Make sure your MIDI controller is transmitting on MIDI Channel 1.
Make sure you have "Serum" on an instrument insert, and NOT "SerumFX" (it should not say FX version in top-left).

just bought serum and when i open it, it says please select a valid preset folder and i go in and select a preset folder with a bunch of sounds but then it says it doesn’t work pls help

First verify that you have run the "Full Version" installer and not just the update or SerumFX bonus installer. If the issue continues then open a support a ticket with [email protected] and provide your OS/ DAW version.