Serum Patches Cause Complete Right Channel Drop Out

Started by ObsessiveBehaviour-splice


Hello everyone, Long time listener, first time caller :)

I have been trying to figure this problem out for the last 24 hours and it is doing my head in!

I reopened a project yesterday to do a remix and as soon as I hit play, the audio clicked, popped and then dropped to a single channel (left side). I then spent about 4 hours trying to diagnose the problem and It fell to a particular patch I was running in Serum. Odd, because I am running several other Serum patches across the project.
After deleting the channel and playing around, I decided that I would try and re write that part, and as soon as I loaded the patch, the audio clicked out again.
I have deleted the patch, re-downloaded from the source (Splice) and as soon as I play the project, the audio cuts out. Interestingly, if I have the plugin bypassed with the patch on it, the project plays fine.
So i figured it could be an issue with the soundcard, I don't have a spare interface lying around, but when I play through the laptop speakers, I get the same issue.
I have reinstalled Serum, no fix, I have reinstalled Logic, same issues.
As I played around with presets, I have noticed that it is not just the specific patch I am talking about here, the same problem exists in other patches, default patches and other Splice Patches, I have listed a couple of them below

HELP!!! haha

Macbook Pro i5 Quadcore, 16GB MacOS 11.4
Logic Pro X 10.6.3
Serum 1.344
Audient iD14

Example Serum presets
VSK_serum_arp_tournament.fxp (from splice)
BA Short Bass [FN] (factory patch)
BA Vile Snap Bs [JL]

Thank You
OB :)


I believe this will be resolved in today's update (1.345).


Ahhh what a relief! Thank you! Confirmed that this error is fixed


Hey guys,

I have just stumbled across this exact same issue tonight running logic version 10.5.1. Have updated Serum to 1.346 but still have the same issue although it will drop either one or the other not always the right channel. I am running a
2013 MacBook Pro on Mojave 10.14.6
2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 16gb Ram

Is there something I need to do to fix it? Thanks!

This just started happening to me as well. The right side is gone.

I'd recommend writing in to support, or visit the discord link atop this forum for beta test, I have a release which I'm quite sure revolves this but it's still in test - I should have a formal release very soon.


Just ran into this issue. Seems to do with the filter section but can't quite figure out why that would be happening. When I turn off one of either Osc A or Osc B the sound gets back to stereo, but obviously not a good solution. Any help/update on this would be great.


Make sure that Serum is up to date.

If you continue to have issue I would recommend to make sure it isn't a plug-in after Serum. I would suggest using the VST3 version if you have a choice of plugin format in your DAW. I would recommend filing a support ticket if you continue to have issue.