serum pitch modulation is off (when switching to the dubbel arrow mod type)

Started by lizard-splice


When I modulate the pitch and use the dubbel arrow type bipolar modulation to apply pitch modulaton (master tuning, semitones, coarse, etc) when I apply 9 (12 semitones) it plays c2 instead of c1 which is good but if then switch my type to dubbel arrow the pitch changes to f or f# and its just completely of and out of key normally it should move from c-1 to c1 or something but not from f to fucking e or whatever… noticed it today and my friend has the same thing happening apparently. I never had that happen…

12 semitones range is +6 / -6 if bi-directional (if you think about it, it should make sense) so I think that's to be expected, maybe try double-clicking the depth slider and type "24 st" (without quotes) if you're looking for +1/-1 octave range.