Serum Preset folder not found & Please select the folder named 'Serum Presets' in the window about to appear problem

Started by YongJu-splice


I just bought serum and opened it in ableton live 10 standard.

and… "Serum preset folder not found message" came out

I checked document/xfer, there are preset files.

so I clicked preset files, but It didn't work.

Every time I click folder , "Please select the folder named 'Serum Presets' in the window about to appear problem" message came out

I use WINDOWS 10 64bit

also I send email to you steve

thank you


Im having this same issue but on Mac. I have Xfer folder but no serum presets folder or files


"Unzip the above file and replace the same file at %appdata%\xfer\serum" that's not very clear. The folder is SerumCFG_Presetsst root .zip_files, everything in there IS unzipped, and there is no Serum.cfg, if that is what we are looking for ??????
Can you explain this a little better for us that are not hackers.


Windows Key + R (Run) and type:

delete the Serum.cfg

You shouldn't need to do any folder or Serum.cfg relocating -

I would suggest to verify you have a Serum Presets folder at \documents\xfer and that there are files in the folders (and not just a tree of empty folders). If the Serum Presets subfolders have no files, you have antivirus software installed which is preventing files from getting created in \Documents