Serum presets not showing up.

Started by Adam Massacre

Adam Massacre

Hey guys!

I just recently purchased a preset pack for Serum and its not showing up when i fire up Serum in my DAW.
I placed the downloaded preset folders in the Documents/xfer/serum/preset folder but they dont appear when i attempt to access them in serum. I placed them in the same place as my other preset packs and they work fine.

Any help would be awesome!



Go in Serum -> Menu -> Re-scan folders on disk

Also verify that the contents of the folders added to the Preset folder are only .fxp files. Any other file type does not belong. If you are still having issues then open an support ticket at [email protected] and provide your OS/ DAW/ "build" present in Serum's global tab at the time of the issue. A full screen shot of the new presets added could also be of help.