Serum Shorcuts

Started by SlothTheArtist


In a tutorial video I watched the guy was using some shortcuts/hot keys for different things. I didn't see a list of those in the manual, is there a list somewhere?


General controls (knobs/etc):
right-click -> context menu
shift-click - fine control on controls
command-click (OSX) / ctrl-click (WIN) -> default value
double-click -> popup numeric text entry (if enabled in preferences)

General controls, when mod source active
shift-alt-click -> toggle unipolar-bipolar
alt-click -> assign mod depth (prevents having to grab the mini-dial)

right-click -> context menu
shift-click -> segment drawing
alt-click on curve point -> change all curves at once
double-click -> add/remove points

Alt-click / Shift-alt-click on LFO "Folder icon" to inc/dec through folder of shapes