Serum update ?

Started by Saint J.

Hi… where do I update serum ? Also I bought this serum Vst on ebay someone was selling licence I'm new to serum which I've known about it for some years now . My problem is download and install was very successful but now its making my pc and ableton crash also it brings up internet with xfer records website on random all this only when going through the presets why is this or did I buy a lemon???

Sounds like you bought a fake license, if someone sends you links to download software on a file host and not sending you to the manufacturer for registration, you can be confident it's illegal.

you should dispute the purchase from eBay, and purchase from my website.

Thank you Steve means a lot to me wow I just learned something… again I'm new to this and I really thought it was ok to purchase I don't want to break the law and get into trouble I'll do my homework next time around before purchasing in a third party… to let you know ebay has taken down that sellers bid of serum in truth it works for a bit but then keeps crashing my Daw.
Thanks again Steve I will definitely get rid of this version I have one question can I rent to own serum from your website or do I have to rent it from splice ??

Cheers, the rent to own plan is exclusively with Splice - however your Serum registration/status is sent here to - Splice is no longer needed once Serum is paid in full.

Your a good man Steve thank you for responding quickly great to know all you just mentioned I will do just that then I can feel a lot better by doing this the legal and correct way you've been a great help thank you so much.

Hello Steve,
I went ahead to splice got the free trial rent to own its active now. I want to get your professional opinion should I go ahead and delete the old serum file I purchased from ebay before downloading serum from splice?? Also when I do download serum from splice and all goes well which I know it will go well this new serum won't crash my Daw it should be ok afterwards correct??

I would suggest to make sure Serum shows 1.304 or later on "build" on the Global tab, if so and you see "Plan Active" in the top-left of Serum, I suspect everything will be fine.

Matei Guzun

Hi Steve,
I need your help for your coincidence, I have Serum DEMO and I don't know how to update!


You need to purchase in order to update.

William Bhall



Please use the contact form if I can be of assistance.

Root ahanta

i wanna upgrae any help

Root ahanta

i would like to upgrade any help