Serum won't load Presets tells me need to update but it is infact updated.

Started by dsumbra

So i own serum through Splice's rent to own feature and everything worked just fine but i went back into the project i was working on to find it not loading my presets and noises but they're saved and i physically see the saved presets even preset packs i have have the same issue i have to re load the preset back into the plugin and even then the sounds are messed to to the point where i have to re tweak the entire preset to get it back to it's original sound which is a pain. Now I'm having an issue where it won't even let me load certain preset and such telling me my serum is out of date and i need to go to the Serum website to update yet right at the top it says Plan Active i look at splice and it says it's up to date as well i really don't see what the issue is everything should be fine and working. I've even reinstalled, reopened splice, reopened Flstudio and nothing seems to work.

I don't see you registered, please use the contact form if I can help with your registration. I believe we resolved this on email yesterday.