Student discount

Started by JonDar


I'm looking to buy Serum and I heard around the internet that there is a discount for students (I'm in Tel Aviv University). Is it true?

Am I allowed to commercialize (sell, rent) music I make using a student edition of Serum?

Hi. What counts as a student? I realise there is an age limit, but is there a minimum age requirement? If so, what is it?


Minimum age would be 5 I suppose, or perhaps 18 if naughty words in preset names are an issue!


Are students in other countries eligible for student discount? (I study at a music institute in NZ)

Hi Steve.

The student discount form you posted above only includes LFO Tool, Nerve and Cthulu. Can you please confirm whether Serum is no longer included in the 30% student discount you offer ?

Thanks. Christof.


Yes, All software titles that you do not already own will appear.

The Dizzy Man

Hi there!
Can I ask will we be serum available again for student discount?

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Hi Steve,

The discount for LFO Tool's expired, can you make it available again please?


Is there any difference if I buy Serum with the student discount ?


Is student discount still available for serum? When I go to submit the form it doesn’t come up on the drop down menu.


I bought the serum and didn't know there were discounts for students. You can compensate me with a coupon, it will help me a lot!