Trouble installing Serum on Mac

Started by AlainMax


I just purchased Serum and downloaded a Install_Xfer_Serum_133b4 file, which I ran and installed successfully. However, the installation process does not give me an option of where to install the plugin, so I could neither choose my VST plugin folder, nor can I now find where it has been installed in order to move it to my plugin folder (Ableton has not been able to scan and find Serum, and a search for "Serum" on my Mac does not show any results either, except for the installer file).

Obs: The "Change Install Location" button during installation processo only shows two options: Macintosh HD (which cannot be changed) and Serum OSX (which cannot be selected).

Where can I find where my Serum has been installed and how can I proceed to adding this to Ableton Live?

Thank you


PS. Neither has Serum been installed in the Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST nor …/Components
Tks again


Hey Alan,

Check your Ableton preferences plug-in sources and enable "Use VST2 System Folders" if it's not already. Hit rescan and see if it shows up. Also, if you had Ableton open during the install then quit and relaunch it as well. Hope this helps.


Hi Shreddward, it worked!! Thank you!;)
Just for my knowledge, would Serum be this "Synth1.component" that appears on the Components folder?
Thanks again=)