Update serum and serial number

Started by jules.beaulieu


4 years ago, I bought serum with splice and I don't know why but all my ids from your website and from splice tells me that I never bought it before. Maybe I lost the right account. I use serum a lot but I can't update it. I found the serial number you sent me in paper, what can I do ? Can I switch my license to my new account with the serial number ?
Thank you.


Registration issues cannot be resolved in a public forum.

You should use the support / contact form with whatever information you can provide (e.g. list any email addresses you may have used originally, usernames can help as well).

P.S. We deal with a ton of this every day, it helps cut down back-and-forth if you can list whatever info you have regarding usernames and email addresses, it's almost always some forgotten artist/DJ name that was abandoned.