Using The LFOs in Serum FX

Started by gpak

Hey all,
I can't seem get the LFO to automate the effects chain in Serum FX. I have an audio loop in my track with SERUM FX and am trying to use the LFO to modulate the cutoff of the filter. I am able to assign the LFO to the knob but its not modulating the source at all. Please let me know what I am missing!


You need to send MIDI notes to SerumFX (just like in Serum, you need to play notes for LFO's to activate) or use the NOTE LATCH button which holds a note for you.


Hi I'm struggling to figure out how to send midi information to serumfx within fl studio 20, any chance you'd know?


You can use e.g. MIDI out device and set its MIDI out port to something unused by your hardware e.g. 10. Then on the SerumFX instance in the wrapper settings, set the MIDI in port to the same number (10).

hope this helps,

Setting up the MIDI out device to (10) and the SerumFX MIDI Input port to (10) did not resolve this issue. I can see and hear the keyboard when I hit a key……….but SerumFX still does not respond to that input.


The audio input is routed automatically - you want to insert SerumFX on an effect insert where signal is already showing up.