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The latest version changes very regularly, when you purchase you will always have the latest version.

I own serum via splice. Splice desktop app says I have version, but inside of of my daw (fl 12) it says i have version 1.112, I did a clean folder delete and re-installed serum via app, im locked out of some fxp presets I bought, any idea?

edit: i just paid off the rest of my splice rent, and now I own the key thinking that would fix, still no luck on updating.

Hi, I think we discussed this via email. You have an older Serum version somewhere else, go to FL12->Options->Manage plugins, expand window right to show 'path', delete Serum from any and all locations, verify it is now missing in FL.


what is the latest version of xfer serum?

I have presets from splice that say I don't have the latest version when I downloaded the version from april 1 2022 any clue as to how to get them to work says they were made on a newer version of the product please help best regards


Your DAW is loading an older version then, I would delete Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll from any and all locations your DAW is looking to. Restart the DAW and verify Serum is no longer available at all. Then re-run the update installer.