VST Support in Reason

Started by Tapertracks


So at last we get to use Serum in Reason! I see that Xfer are all in favour of this and from the promo vid it seems that Steve might even have been involved?

Will there be any kind of Serum discount or offer for Reason users wanting to jump on board with Xfer products? I reckon lots of companies will be wanting to attract Reason users now - it's a whole new market!


Yes, it's great news indeed!

I like to think Propellerhead thought of me for the announcement because Serum was a highly-requested plugin that people wanted in RE.

I don't tend to offer sales/promotions (it's complicated) but I do appreciate the interest!

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Good to see you onboard with this Steve : )

(Shame Cthulu is a no go for 9.5 currently tho!)


Luap, thank you for sharing your inability to use Cthulu in Reason, I thought it was just me. Oh well, we have the players.

Steve, THANK YOU for these extraordinary VSTs, superb customer support, and videos!!!
: D


In theory, you could use Cthulhu in a sub-host such as BlueCat Patchwork (housing both Cthulhu and a destination instrument), however you wouldn't be able to record the MIDI notes out. Hopefully they'll add the ability to route MIDI notes from a VSTi in the future!


Hey Steve I am having some trouble using cthulu in reason I cannot seem to find a way to send midi information from cthulu to another instrument. Im an currently using Reason 10 do u think there is a solution


Reason doesn't (yet?) support MIDI out from VST plugins, see the above reply as you're asking the same thing.


I'm assuming Reason also doesn't support routing midi TO VST plugins? -I'm trying to trigger LFO Tool for the note retrig/env, but not finding a way… (loving Serum & LFO Tool anyway! :-P)


Found a way… I have a series of synth notes that I want to control with LFO Tool. But there's no way for the synth midi to trigger LFO Tool (as far as I could find). So:

In Reason, LFO Tool is not an 'instrument' so can't accept midi, but the Reason 'combinator' is/can. So I created an independent mix channel containing nothing but a combinator, and the combinator containing nothing but LFO Tool. In the combinator programmer, selected "LFO Tool" and checked the "Receive Notes" box. I then copied the synth midi to the LFO Tool/combinator track. Then just ran the synth output through the LFO Tool/combinator track. Works great.