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Started by steve_xfer


Welcome to the new Xfer Records forums!


This "General" forum is for all members of the site. 

You can discuss website issues/comments and other general musings here unrelated to a particular piece of software.

THIS GENERAL FORUM IS NOT A SUPPORT FORUM - posts asking for support will be moved to the relevant user forum. Registration for that product is required in order to be able to access/view that product forum.

If you want support on a demo version, I would first search this forum (top-left) and if nothing seems relevant, then I suggest the Contact page (not a forum post) and please mention your DAW and OS. I pride myself in timely support and will be in touch ASAP.


New users are not able to post for 24 hours, unless something has been purchased - this is to cut down on bot spam. If you want support for a demo version, again I would recommend searching posts (top-left), and if you don't see an answer use the Contact form.

If for any reason you have trouble using the contact form you can also reach me via email: steve (at symbol) xferrecords.com . (both go to my email inbox so there is no difference in reply time).


Thank you for reading, and for your interest in the software!



When I purchase Nerve, how many computers am I allowed to install it on? I have my separate "sketchpad" laptop and studio mac pro and I need to know I can install on both of them with single license.


The software license is tied to an individual - You can install the software on as many computers as you personally own.

Warm Regards,

Yep, that was exactly it: Scriptblock was blocking stripe.com which I'm guessing is the site hosting the backend to the checkout part of the site. Ooopsie !

Hi there,

A splice/serum user here and wondering if there is plan to extend access to Serum forum to us.


once payments start you have access, it is through a different account most likely (the email you used to sign up with Splice).  You need to use the forgot password feature here as Splice auto-assigns one randomly.

Hey Steve,

Just dropping in to add a word of support and thanks for your work. Your products are really great tools and I always have a lot of respect for intelligent design/designers who think about what the users want/need. Keep pushing boundaries man \m/

Much love,

Jasio K

Reggie Sutton

Hello, 1.) after purchase how many computers can I install Cthulhu on. I have 3 PC's but will only be using one at a time.
2.) Can Cthulhu also be opened and used as a stand alone or would it always need a DAW to open?
Thank you in advance for your reply.


HI Reggie, You may install Cthulhu on as many machines as you personally own. Cthulhu requires a DAW for operation, it is intended to be used/integrated in to a music making environment.

Warm regards,


I just wanted to drop in and take a second to give my sincere thanks! Serum has become my go to synth, because its….welll…… just amazing, and incredibly easy to use. I purchased through the rent to own program on splice, which made it soooo much easier to drop the money on it, buying synths and gear is always very tough for me, since music is just a hobby (although very important for maintaining my sanity), I don't have a lot of income I can spend on it. After trying the demo though, I knew I had to have it, and I was able to get it from splice and then pay it off when i ran into extra monies. =)

I'm also falling in love with Cthulhu, picked it up last week and it's such a handy little plugin with many more uses than I had expected, plus, i mean…c'mon who doesn't want the dark lord himself over there basically cheering you on during production?
Now I'm back today to see what this Nerve stuff is all about.

Keep up the excellent work!
// Tips invisible hat
You're a gentleman and a scholar.

Refunds are not offered, there are demo versions for evaluation. I'm also happy to answer any questions!

I got a lot to learn but man Serum is massive in creative potential.

No, sorry, I don't discuss future plans. Updates are always free for life however.