Will Serum ever be available for Linux?

Started by HOOG

It would be good if Serum, Nerve and other plugins were available on Linux. Natively, without having downloading software like WINE.

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Here's to hoping VST 3.6.x having support for Linux you might reconsider in the future. I'd be a happy camper if Ableton and xfer supported linux.


I'm really not planning on it, ever, sorry. Two OS's is enough for me to try and support by myself.

I stopped by to see if this is ever happening, I'll point out U-he and other companies are also starting to support Linux so maybe it's worth expanding your business to meet demand? This is a thing that successful people do sometimes :>

It's fairly safe to say I am not going to support Linux natively ever on the current codebase of Serum.

People have gotten Serum "running" in Linux using specific Linux distro + Wine components. However I don't "support" this and I assume there will be cosmetic defects and graphics perfomance issues without using Microsoft Direct2D.

I'm not doing that shit haha, WINE is unreliable enough that I have just stopped messing with it for anything but old games. I did get Diablo 4 running under it once tho :)

What could be so platform specific if you're compiling for OSX as well as Windows?
I want it enough that I would moonlight and do the work for you if I could, I'm an OS dev and I would love to use Linux full time, music production keeps me stuck on Windows for now. Want to hire someone part-time to port it for you?

The graphics library I use (modified VSTGUI) doesn't support Linux, and of course there is a lot of mac/win specific code aside from that.
But that all isn't really relevant, as I don't have plans for Linux support, I'm afraid.

This might be of interest to developers or anyone else looking to run Serum on Linux. So far, Serum works flawlessly for me using this program called yabridge (Yet Another Bridge): https://github.com/robbert-vdh/yabridge

It's similar to LinVST or Airwave but almost hassle-free and (imo) much simpler to set up than those. It's under active development right now, meaning features are being added and bugs are being squashed.

yabridge takes just a couple tweaks to prevent the DAWs I use (Reaper and Renoise) from crashing when changing presets, but I'm told that is an issue with those DAWs.

To get it going, basically:

1) Install yabridge per the readme instructions on GitHub
2) Download gdiplus with winetricks (Serum needs this to render the GUI)
3) If using Reaper/Renoise, add 3-4 lines to a config file (this prevents the DAW from crashing when changing presets)
4) Copy or symlink the Serum .dll to yabridge's watch folder
5) yabridgectl sync / generate .so files for the .dlls in the watch folder

You should be set after that.


Hi @vlur, creator of yabridge (and avid Serum user ;)) here! Just to elaborate on why the workaround for REAPER and Renoise you mentioned is needed, the issue here is that the communication models in yabridge and most other VST bridges don't allow for mutually recursive function calls (i.e. REAPER calls a function on the plugin, the plugin performs a callback to the host while handling that function, and then the host calls yet another function in response to that). Right now this is mostly an issue because with the Win32 API everything involving the GUI has to be done on the main thread, and since we're simulating function calls between two isolated processes this can become an issue. I'm currently exploring a few different approaches that would alleviate the need for workarounds, but I'd prefer to have as little complex moving parts as possible so it might take a while to get there.

I just wanted to add that now that yabridge 2.0.0 is out, you no longer have to add any options to use Serum in REAPER or Renoise since yabridge 2.0's new communication architecture can handle all of these edge cases without issues.

@vlur @coolblinger
I'm the creator of the video that was posted above. Since I posted it a few years ago, there has been a lot of demand for a follow-up video and for similar techniques on other DAWs.
How feasible would it be to use yabridge on DAWs running in WINE (e.g. FL or Ableton?)

@Jousboxx Yabridge allows you to use Windows VST2 and VST3 plugins as if those plugins were native Linux VST2 and VST3 plugins, so you can use them under a Linux DAW. If you're running the Windows version of a host under Wine (so FL Studio and Ableton Live in this case) then you don't need any additional software to use Windows plugins.