XFer's Serum for iOS?

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@steve_xfer would you consider working with an existing iOS developer who wanted to do this for you? The iOS musician community would benefit greatly and this could be at no cost to you, with proper legal protections in place to protect your intellectual property. (I'm such a developer that would be interested in doing this for you)

I do consider things! My concerns are a little different than you mention, drop us a short note via the support page.

Serum for Gadget 2 cooperate whis Korg? I am willing to pay the full price of the product 200 €

Now that serum is apple silicon there’s a lot of compatible iPads that could theoretically run it, like my M2 ipad. @steve_xfer any new thoughts on this?


Please make Serum available for iOS. Now that Logic Pro is available on iPad this is the only missing thing for me.


Dear Steve, please, I beg you, make serum available for Logic Pro for iPad. I will happily give you my money! It would absolutely perfect my production workflow! Please Steve, I’m on my knees!