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Serum Tonepaperâ„¢

Serum Preset Pack by Francis Preve

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Serum Tonepaper's preset collection contains:

  • 14 Bells and Mallets
  • 12 Processed Pianos (electric and acoustic)
  • 39 Layered Pads with motion and physical modeling
  • 16 Plucks with variable decay/release
  • 13 Tempo-synced Ambient Sequences
  • 5 Voice and Choir textures
  • 1 Vintage Modular lead

About The Designer:

Francis Preve is one of the world's leading sound designers, crafting the factory content for legendary companies like Ableton, Roland, Sequential, and Korg since 2004. His work as a DJ/producer includes chart-topping collaborations with artists including Matt Lange, John Acquaviva, and Wolfgang Gartner. He is also the founder of Symplesound, creator of Ableton packs that have been featured in online magazines as diverse as Music Radar, DJ Mag, Fact, and Vice.

More info at francispreve.com