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Serum Toolkit 3

Serum Preset Pack by Francis Preve

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With Serum Toolkit Vol. 3, iconic sound designer Francis Preve takes his Toolkit series to the next level. Featuring 100 custom wavetables based on physically modeled instruments and 70 sampled transients and decays - including recorded guitars and percussion - every core element in Toolkit Vol. 3 is original.

Advanced features include a selection of sidechain presets and a new XFORM knob that smoothly morphs the tone of each preset from one color to another, doubling the number of textures and allowing precise user control over timbre.

As with previous Toolkit packs, these presets are designed for maximum compatibility with a broad range of electronic music genres. From current Trap and Future to vintage digital styles to ethereal soundscapes for TV and Film, Toolkit 3 delivers a truly versatile set of sounds that can stand the test of time. It’s like getting a whole new synth.


Here’s what the press has to say about Toolkits 1, 2, and 3:

Toolkit 1

“10/10 stars: Reference points include the Minimoog, TB-303, Omni II, D-50, Prophet-5 and many more, but Serum’s own character is allowed to shine through as well, making this much more than just a set of out-of-context homages. Preve has also made good use of the text description field for mod wheel assignments and usage suggestions – it’s the little things… ” - Computer Music

“After having bought this collection from Xfer Records as soon as my compulsive behavior kicked in I can say I am really happy with this pack. The sounds from this pack are as is said “classic and timeless” with consistent use of effects which is really nice and something I wish more preset pack makers would think about more. It is also quite nice to hear my Serum synth make other sounds than just growls – as a lot of packs out there make Serum do. So, I am basically a happy camper with this pack and the price is very competitive too so my wallet was happy as well. Be sure to check it out!”
- Producer Spot 

Toolkit 2

“9/10 stars: Exuding power, warmth and fatness, this is another strong candidate for any Serum User.” - Computer Music


Toolkit 3

9/10 stars - "A year in the making, the third in sound designer Francis Preve’s knock-out series (10/10, cm233; 9/10, cm248) of preset packs for the Serum synth is his most ambitious yet. Each of Toolkit 3’s 100 patches includes one or two original wavetables, and a further 70 processed guitar and percussion samples are used in the Noise generator. Perhaps the star of the show, though, is the XFORM Macro, which morphs every preset between two distinct ‘states’. Classy, clever and stuffed with readily adaptable basses, leads, pads, FX, plucks, percussion and chords." -  Computer Music - Feb 20, 2019