Cthulhu issues with both Ableton Live 9 & Logic Pro X

Started by ItchyDez


I've just downloaded the demo for Cthulhu after seeing a couple of videos of it. The idea for it sounds brilliant for getting inspiration flowing & getting ideas down! The problem I've been having is that I basically can't use it Ó_Ò

I firstly attempted to load it into Ableton. I thought it'd be simple enough to set up but after a few attempts (And failing) I took to the internet in search of answers. After seeing other people having set it up I tried again but it still wouldn't work. I can only hear Cthulhu's tone but not the actual Synth being routed. I then moved on to Logic Pro X. I thought this would be simple enough. Just drop it into the MIDI FX part of the mixer. What's strange here is that once I do that it just prevents the Synth I'm using to make any sound at all on my MIDI keyboard but when I create a MIDI clip & click the On-Screen-Keyboard I can hear both the Synth & Cthulhu

I'm pretty baffled by it all. But from what I heard when messing about on Logic it sounds fantastic. The only thing that's putting me off purchasing Cthulhu is the problems I'm having with both Ableton & Logic Pro.

Could anyone possibly help out?

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Hi Joshua,
You need to use the VST version in Ableton Live (AudioUnit plugins cannot transmit MIDI in Ableton Live).  You must set both MIDI inputs on the destination track to Cthulhu (both track, and where it says PostFX must be changed to say Cthulhu).   You also must set Monitor IN (or record-enable) the destination track.

For the MIDI FX in Logic, you must load a chord preset in Cthulhu or you will get no MIDI passing to your destination synth (alternatively you can disable the chords module and just use the Arp).
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i use ableton 8 still  i just recently downloaded cthulhu and it says its an audio unit how do i use it as a vst? I'm having some difficulty 


If you don't use Logic I would recommend to delete the AudioUnit (you can always re-install it).
Quit Live
in Finder, command-shift-G (go to folder) and type or paste:
delete Cthulhu.component and Cthulhu_MFX.component

in Live, Preferences->File Folder->"Use VST System Folders".

Warm Regards,

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all the help and I sent you an email. I downloaded Cthulu  from Splice com and it downloaded as a .dmg file that I then installed and went to a .pkg file. I've not  been able from here to et it to drop into my VST folder nor have I been able to upload it via Ableton. 

Because I got it off Splice it doesn't look like the Xer website shows me as having bought anything so not sure How i Ca go back and make sure i have downloaded the correct file? Thanks!


Your hotmail email address is not valid, technical details of permanent failure: 

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain hotmail.com by mx1.hotmail.com. [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

I suspect you signed up on Splice with a different email as well, maybe write to me from another I can reply to.

Hi Steve,

Yes, I've had an issue lately with my autocorrect changing my email by one letter right when I hit "submit". It's incredibly frustrating and it doesn't always happen so it's hard to fix. I can confirm what that email was supposed to be if needed as I'm positive that's what happened and what it changed it to. 

I just signed up again with a different user name and email. [email protected]

I bought through Splice and I was charged but now can't get it to install or choose the VST option. 

Please let me know when you have a chance what I can do to get the right version of Cthulu and get it running as a VST on my Ableton. Thanks!


You need to contact me through email with your splice registered email address, or take it up with Splice and I'll sort it out with them together - Since you bought it through them, and I have no way to find that unless I know your splice credentials.


Hey Steve, I just downloaded Cthulhu and on the first Midi in I can choose Cthulhu when routing to another VST but where it says post FX there is no option to choose Cthulhu. Just post or pre fx. So Cthulhu will not work with other vst. I've tried on two different computers and can't seem to figure it out. Can you please help? :/ 

I have it working fine with Kontact within Logic Pro X. You have to add it as a plug in on the instrument track under Midi FX. 

My issue is that the notes cause loud popping sound when they're played back or played live. This only occurs with Cthulhu - any suggestions?

hi xferrecords helpers 
i am using logic pro x but i am just new need to use serum vst-plugin and was install 2-3 time and after opening serum but i cant working  bcs always show some texts on vst window (this folder is required for operation 1 close and re-open the plug-in windows 2 select the folder named presets) ( its mean serum can not found presets ) and was look and controll  /Library/Audio/Presets/ and dont see   /Xfer Records Library  after was open Xfer Records Library and copy to presets library but still the same problem
what is problem? u can help to me faster 

I don't see you registered for Serum, please use the contact form and explain what installer you have run.

Hey Steve, when i place my own chords into Cthulhu and try midi out an Arp to another channel in Ableton.for some reason it's not playing out the Arp notes,it's playing sustained notes and overlapping all the notes,i'm BAFFLED :(

You probably aren't setting the MIDI input correctly.  Also do not use the AU version of Cthulhu in Live, you need the VST version.

i have everything set as per needed for midi output from Cthulhu to another channel,i'm using Ableton Live 9 64bit, i have the Cthulhu64dll installed to my plugins folder, if the problem is the version of Cthulhu,then which version do i need


You should use the latest version you get when you buy (very recent) or else the demo.
Cthulhu needs to be set as the input in both rectangles (track+device).  Please email a screenshot if you are stuck with Cthulhu open and routing showing -> https://support.xferrecords.com

Hi Steve,

downloaded cthulhu, installed it for live 10 standard and haven't seen it since, wondering how to find it to get started. Missed something along the way? Cheers.

Make sure you have VST plugins enabled in Live preferences->FIle/Folder.

garry trace

download and installed actual Version of Cthulhu. i cant see the plugin in MIDI-FX in Logic X 10.4.2 ?
i use Mac OS Mojave 10.14

I don't see you registered for Cthulhu, if you need help locating your registration please use the contact form.

garry trace

i wanted to test the demo before i buy it. Unfortunately that is not possible?

Daddy Bubbles

Hi, how many systems can I have Cthulhu on? Can I have it in my studio on the Imac AND my Laptop for when I am traveling?