Cthulhu Jazz

Started by garrettnorvell


Hiya Steve, I'd love to buy Cthulhu for use in jazz, but I'm not sure if it would work for my purposes. I see that we can change the rate to 1/16 triplet, and limit the graph to 12 notes. But it would be AWESOME if the graph could show a full bar of 24/16. I know we could simply swing 16ths, but then the sextuplet wouldn't work…
Is Cthulhu something that you are still evolving? Does this seem like a feasible future addition? Thanks!
cheers n' blessing,


Hi Garrett,

It's certainly possible that abiliity would exist in the future.Since it does not currently, I'm not comfortable saying that with any certainty. It is possible to toggle patterns with the lowest octave of MIDI notes, albeit different than seeing 24 steps onscreen at once.

Warm regards,